10 Tips to Turn Your Instagram into an ATM

New year, new goals.  2022 is a clean slate for you to start strategizing on how to smash your goals.  You might not have reached your sales goals last year, but this year is a completely different story.  

Don't give up and remember you got this!

Here are 10 Tips to Turn Your Instagram into an ATM that will grow your following and increase sales WITHOUT spending tons of money on marketing:

1. Collaborate with other brands by using the new tag/collab feature.  You'll gain more exposure, because your post will show up not only in your followers' feed it will also be visible to your collaborator's followers as well.

If major brands are doing it, why can't you.  SKIMS just did a collab with Fendi.  Remember success leaves clues.

2. Setup and use your Instagram Shop.  You also have the ability to tag products from your Instagram Shop in your captions making it easier for you to direct your clients to your shop.  Customers are all about an easy and simple experience, the faster they can access your products the better.

3. Shoot your shot in the DMs.  Don't be shy, boo! Create a welcome DM, thanking them for following you and offering a discount code to your site.  

4. Take a page from The Shopping Channel/HSN by modelling your products while broadcasting from your IG Live.  Your followers will be able to purchase tagged products without leaving your live stream.

5. Bands will make her dance.  Don't be scared.  You might have to do a viral dance to gain exposure.  Reels are an amazing way to build your followers.  Pre-record a few reels and schedule them throughout the week.

6. Don't forget about your email and text subscribers.  Think about what drove you to this blog post.  FashionNova sends you about 500 text a day like you owe them child support.  Don't be ashamed to promote your business!

7. Study your insights.  Growing your business is a numbers game.  Look at what posts got the most engagement, increase in followers, website clicks, etc.  Once you determine those stats recreate what works and eliminate what doesn't.

8. Use hashtags that you know your target audience will be searching for.  Try using 2 or 3 at time, remember to switch them up.  If you need help coming up with hashtags, Gravtag is an awesome resource that's FREE! 

9. Promo pages are a great way to build your followers and generate sales.  There are a few that don't cost an arm and a leg.  I used a promo page for my Black Friday Sale and I was able to hit my sales goal and build my following because of it.

10. Use SEO to gain more followers.  Instagram is turning into a search engine.  Put keywords pertaining to your niche within the name section of your bio.

BONUS: Have a link in bio (Linktree, Solo, etc.) rather your website.  This will allow you to direct your followers to specific products and will streamline their customer experience.

This WILL be your year and you will hit 6 figures or more.  Remember your goals and creating an action plan.  A goal without a deadline is just a dream.  You got this!